Pennsylvania Locker Room Scale 18x18 500 x .1 lb

Pennsylvania Locker Room Scale 18x18 500 x .1 lb

The Pennsylvania Scale Locker Room weight scale was designed to be the the ideal choice to replace the old mechanical scale often seen in doctors offices, locker rooms etc... The scale includes 500 x 0.1 lb capacity and a large 18"x18" weighing platform. Made in USA quality! Heavy duty design for years of service. Operates on 110VAC power.
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Sure you can purchase a "cheap" digital scale for your locker room that was made overseas, and it will probably give you a few years of service until..... or, you could just go ahead and purchase a Made in the USA Pennsylvania locker room scale which are designed to provide years of trouble free service. 

The Pennsylvania Scale Co locker room scale features a high quality 7500+ weight indicator which has an aluminum die cast enclosure, simple 4 button design, and easy to read Red LED digits. The scale platform is the heavy duty 6400 series which features a large 18" x 18" footprint. The scale platform and platform cover are black painted steel. The scale is powered by regular 110 VAC power.  This scale is designed to be placed in one location and utilized. We would not refer to this scale as portable.

7500+ weight indicator6400 scale platform 500 x 0.1 lb



• Rugged, heavy duty design for rough industrial use
• Capacity 500 x 0.1 LB
• Easy to Read Display
• 5" normal operating height
• Powered by 110 VAC
• Positive overload protection on all corners
• Full frame design for accuracy and long life
• Factory Calibrated & Ready to Weigh
• Adjustable leveling feet
• 1 part in 5,000 accuracy
• Fast lead times for standard sizes
• Multi-year limited warranty


ITEM ...................................... CAPACITY ..................... PLATFORM
7500-6400-500                           500 x 0.1 LB                       18"x18"




56727-3      38" MS COLUMN, mounts to 18" x 18" 
56733         CASTER WHEEL KIT, 2 each locking + swivel; mounts to any MS6400 in place of std feet



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