Pennsylvania 7400+ Digital Weight Indicator

Pennsylvania 7400+ Digital Weight Indicator

7400+ has simplified 5-Button front panel. Designed for direct replacement for many existing UMC-series applications; dual independent RS-232 outputs, for example drive both scoreboards and printers or data processing systems.
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The Pennsylvania 7400+ digital weight indicator features stainless steel enclosure. This "weight only" indicator features simple (5) button design including "Zero", "Gross/Net", "Tare", Units", and "Print" buttons. Includes push button tare. Process & bulk weighing applications imbedded. Best part of the indicator, it features two "independent" data outputs. NTEP approved.


Pennsylvania 7400 Features
Up to 10 point Linearity calibration
NEW! Audit Trail accountability feature with Security Code
NEW! Powerful 16-bit microprocessor for speed & accuracy

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