Pinewood Derby Scale 3000 x 0.1g

Pinewood Derby Scale 3000 x 0.1g

This Pinewood Derby Scale is an affordable digital scale designed to help you weigh your derby car for scouts or it works great for awana grand prix cars as well. Great for check weighing your car while it's being built. This scale can also be used for the actual weigh-in. Units: g,lb,oz,lb:oz. Capacity: 3000 x 0.1 g. Platter: 5.75 in x 5.75 in.
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This digital scale is a great choice for those of you out there looking to weigh your Scout Pinewood Derby cars or perhaps your Awana Grand Prix cars while you're building and perfecting them at home. I have actually used this scale while building both Pinewood Derby cars and Awana cars and I can tell you that this digital scale works really well and is a nice choice for several reasons.

First the display is very crisp and easy to see. The weigh platter is a generous size of 5.7" x 5.7" which allows you plenty of room to weigh your car and its components such as tires, axles, weights etc...

You may have seen less expensive scales online or perhaps "pocket scales" available on the internet. However, one of the big disadvantages of those scales is the size of the weighing platter and their overall durability and longevity. When I was preparing cars, it was always nice to be able to easily place all the components on this scale at once to see where I stood when trying to achieve the 5 ounce limit.

pinewood derby and awana grand prix scale

This scale will display weight in various units including grams and ounces. With the racing that I was involved in, the maximum a car could weigh was five ounces. This scale will display weights well above five ounces and provides you readability of two decimal places when using the ounce unit. I found this to be more than adequate when I was fine tuning the cars for the Pinewood Derby and the Awana Grand Prix.

This scale is also a nice scale for clubs or organizations to use as the "official weigh-in scale" for the Derby or the Grand Prix. The judges will appreciate the large weighing platter, easy to read weight display, battery or AC power, and the fact that the scale displays the weight quickly.

The scale arrives factory calibrated and weighing correctly. However, you may want to purchase some of our calibration test weights to check your scale and calibrate it if needed. 



Capacity/Resolution: 3000g x 0.1g
0.6″ LCD Display w/ Backlight
5.7″ x 5.7″ Platter w/ removable bowl
30,000 divisions
AC Adapter included or use 6 Dry AA cells (batteries not included)
Units: kg, lb, g, oz, lb:oz

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