Pennsylvania 6500 Washdown 12x12 Bench Scale 50 lb

Pennsylvania 6500 Washdown 12x12 Bench Scale 50 lb

Pennsylvania Scale Co SS6576-1212-050 washdown stainless steel bench scale features a 50 lb capacity and 12"x 12" scale platform. The stainless steel weighing 7600 WD indicator features full numeric keypad and is connected to the scale base by a 16" stainless steel column. Capacity: 50 x 0.01 lb
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If you're one of those customers who loves to buy high quality weighing equipment, then you have found your next washdown safe bench scale. The Pennsylvania Scales SS6576-1212-050 Washdown Bench Scales are extra rugged and dependable. Customers know where to buy calibration weights and washdown safe weighing scales. 



• Washdown Rating of IP66K/IP67/NEMA 4X for High Pressure Washdown Protection
• 304 Stainless Steel Design including Load Cell and all Hardware resists corrosion from harsh cleaning chemicals and repeated washdown.
• Available with the 7600 WD Indicator
• Includes 16” SS column to create 1-piece complete washdown bench scale system

washdown bench scale

MODEL ............................ DESCRIPTION ............... CAPACITY ............ PLATFORM
SS6576-1212-050      7600 WD w/ Column & Scale       50 x 0.01 lb               12 x 12

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