Zemic Load Cells

This page consists of our Zemic load cells. These load cells are high quality and just as good as the "brand name load cells" that you're used to hearing about. ZEMIC was founded in 1965 by the Chinese aviation industry (AVIC), who has built up a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of load cells, strain gauges and sensors in the Asian region and as a manufacturer of many known brand names in American load cell market. ZEMIC had won trust and confidence due to the quality and versatility of the products. Thousands of products are stocked in the US warehouse to offer you short lead times and make the distribution in the United States as efficient as possible.
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Replacement Zemic Load Cell Choices

Our selection of shear beam load cells, torsion load cells, force sensors, s type load cells, and force measurement products are typically in stock for easy ordering and fast shipping. While we often focus on other electronic weighing devices like truck scales, floor scales, bench scales, or pallet scales and the truth is that many of our scales have these alloy steel load cells inside. And, occasionally one of those cells may fail and that is why you always need to have a reliable load cell supplier bookmarked and ready to ship out a replacement stainless steel cell.

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