Sensortronics 65023A-2.5K-5107 Load Cell 2500 lb.

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Sensortronics 2500 lb. Load Cell, Single Ended Beam 65023A-2.5K-5107
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If you're searching for an affordable alloy steel high quality 2500 lb shear beam load cell then you have found the perfect choice at an outstanding price. As with any industry there are high end brands and there are cheap versions. The Sensortronics brand of 2.5K load cells is a premium brand of load cells. The Sensortronics 65023A shear beam load cells offer 3 mv/v, 0.03% nonlinearity, 350 ohm, 20 ft 4 conductor cable, nickel plated steel, IP67. NTEP 86-044 S/M III 5,000 div 1K thru 10K
65023A 2.5K shear beam load cell


Part Number Capacity
65023A-1K-5107 1000 lb.
65023A-2.5K-5107 2500 lb.
65023A-4K-5107 4000 lb.
65023A-10K-5107 10,000 lb



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