Transcell DBS-2.5K Load Cell 2500 lb

Transcell DBS-2.5K Load Cell 2500 lb
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Nickel Plated alloy steel. Easy to Install Stable & Reliable. Transcell DBS-2500 Double end beam load cell with 2500 lb. capacity. Similar to Rice Lake RL75016 and Vishay Sensortronics 65016
2.5K Transcell DBS Double End Beam Load Cell


Model Number Capacity
DBS-2500 2500 lb
DBS-3K 3000 lb
DBS-5K 5000 lb
DBS-10K 10,000 lb
DBS-20K 20,000 lb
DBS-25K 25,000 lb
DBS-30K 30,000 lb
DBS-50K 50,000 lb
DBS-75K 75,000 lb

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