Heavy Duty Warehouse Scale Rice Lake Roughdeck 48x48

Rice Lake Rough-N-Ready 4x4 Scale 10,000 lb. w/ 480

Great Floor Scale System from Rice Lake. The NTEP Legal for Trade Rice Lake Rough-n-Ready System 4'x4' Floor Scale/Indicator Package features quick connects and factory calibration which allow the package to operate immediately. Combines a RoughDeck 4x4 10K floor scale with 480 Legend indicator. Price includes freight (cont'l US) to business addresses only (Zoned Commercial) with a loading dock or forklift.
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You have lots of choices when it comes to buying a floor scale. You can choose to go the quality route and purchase an item like the Rice Lake Roughdeck or you can go the cheap route and buy a scale that is low priced. And of course there are lots of choices in the middle.

In our experience, the safe pick is to go with something like the Rice Lake Roughdeck. The scale deck is made in Wisconsin at the Rice Lake Weighing Systems factory (and headquarters). The load cells are brand name Rice Lake shear beam load cells, which means they have been tested and are very accurate. The Tuffseal Junction Box and Load Cell Summing Board are high quality items. The 480 Legend digital weight indicator is high quality and designed to last with stainless steel enclosure. Simply put - the Roughdeck is a safe pick. Sure it might cost more but you get a better product that should last you for years.

If you were to choose the lowest price floor scale you can find, you would almost certainly get a scale deck that was made in China. Now, who actually manufactured the deck, often nobody really knows. What components are actually in the floor scale? Often it will include load cells that either don't have a brand or have a brand that hardly anyone has ever heard of. Junction Boxes are usually plastic or non existent. As for the digital readout, often it will be something with very little brand recognition and typically a user's manual that is difficult to read. So in summary, will the cheap floor scale work? More than likely yes it will. Will it last for years? More than likely it won't.

Think long term and choose the Rice Lake scale. This is an excellent Floor Scale System with the best manufacturer warranty. The Rice Lake Rough-n-Ready System 48"x48" 10,000 lb. capacity Floor Scale Package features quick connects and factory calibration which allow the package to operate immediately with minimal setup. This system includes  a 4'x4' RoughDeck 10K floor scale with the 480 Legend digital readout. The 480 Legend has a stainless steel enclosure, AC power, and simple 7 button front panel for easy weighing.

The scale system manufactured by Rice Lake is ideal for shipping/receiving warehouses and manufacturing applications. This impressive system comes complete with an indicator tilt stand, 20' of SURVIVOR EL147HE 6-conductor hostile environment load cell cable and a quick connection. We have Roughdeck scales that have lasted for years! We are confident that you will love the performance and value the scale offers. Digital Indicator has 2 year warranty. Scale Includes a 5 Year Warranty and is Legal for Trade, NTEP Approved.


Roughdeck Floor Scale



rice lake 480 legend weight indicator


PART # ........................ DESCRIPTION ......................... EST SHIP WT
155667 .................... 4x4 10,000 x 2 lb w/ 480 ...................... 405 lb



OUTSTANDING VALUE! -- Scale ships standard motor freight ground, indicator ships UPS Ground. Free freight packages are to business addresses only (Zoned Commercial) with a loading dock or fork-lift. All other charges are the buyers responsibility. (Liftgate, Residential, Construction, Military)


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