transcell dbs-20k load cell

Transcell DBS-20K Load Cell 20,000 lb

Transcell DBS-20K Double End Beam Load Cell with 20,000 lb capacity
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Nickel Plated alloy steel. Easy to Install Stable & Reliable. Transcell 20,000 lb. DBS-20K Double end beam load cell. Similar to Rice Lake RL75016 and Vishay Sensortronics 65016


Model Number Capacity
DBS-2500 2500 lb
DBS-3K 3000 lb
DBS-5K 5000 lb
DBS-10K 10,000 lb
DBS-20K 20,000 lb
DBS-25K 25,000 lb
DBS-30K 30,000 lb
DBS-50K 50,000 lb
DBS-75K 75,000 lb

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