CAS Price Per Pound Laundry Scale with Basket

CAS Price Per Pound Laundry Scale with Basket

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Charge customers for laundered clothes by the pound. Easy pricing with the CAS NTEP legal for trade 60 lb. capacity price computing scale with laundry basket. Designed for stationary or portable use with AC power and rechargeable batteries, the scale with basket is ideal for weighing your customer's laundry and charging by the pound. Display on front and back. Features a 60 pound capacity scale with laundry basket
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Weigh your customers clothes by the pound and charge them a price per pound based on the weight of the clothes. Take the guess work out of pricing with the CAS legal for trade price computing scales with laundry basket. Designed for portable use with AC power and rechargeable battery, the scale with basket is ideal for laundry centers and laundromats.

You have found the place to purchase a scale to weigh laundry. Charge your customer's by the pound. Features a 60 pound capacity NTEP Approved Legal for Trade price computing scale with heavy duty laundry basket! Add the optional label printer and labels for a complete solution for your laundry or laundromat business.


LCD S2000JR price computing scale
CAS Corporation Price Computing Laundry Scale w/ Basket

Easy to Read LCD display
Display weight in pounds, kilograms or ounces
Heavy Duty Laundry Basket Sits on Scale Platter

The laundry basket is a heavy duty metal basket that rests on top of the scale platform allowing you to place clothes inside the basket. Just place the empty basket on the scale, press tare, enter your price per pound, and then place clothes in the basket. As items are added to the basket the scale will compute the total charges.

The certified legal for trade S-2000Jr 60 lb. digital price computing scale with RS 232 serial output is a high quality digital retail price computing scale ideal for charging your customers based on the weight of the clothes. It does a fantastic job of weighing items such as shirts, pants and clothing, allowing you to charge customers by the pound.

The scale also features standard 110 volt AC power and by internal rechargeable battery. The scale also has an easy to read LCD display on both the front and back of the unit so customers can see what the weight is and what the cost will be. This scale has an internal lb/kg/oz conversion switch in case you wish to weigh items in kilograms or ounces instead of pounds. Tare weight may be entered using: platter tare, key board tare and tare programmed with a PLU.


CAS Laundry Scale with Basket Specifications
Weighing Capacity 60 lb: 0~30 x 0.01 lbs / 30~60 x 0.02 lbs
Display Digits 5/6/6 (Weight/Unit Price/Total Price)
Display Type LCD (gray background with black digits) with backlight
Display Designators Power, Zero, Tare, Low Battery, B/L
Power Source

AC 120V, 60 Hz ....
Rechargeable Battery (6V, 3.6 Ah)

Typical Battery Operating Time 120 Hours
Charging Time 12 Hours
Dimensions (inches)

Standard: 12.9 (W) x 13.6 (D) x 4.2 (H)

Temperature 32° ~ 104°
Basket 26"x26" opening, 12" high and 9"x9" base



S2000 JR Scale Features 
LCD Displays on front / back
Stainless Steel Platter
3 Direct PLU's -- 199 Indirect PLU's
RS-232C Interface

Display: LCD displays
Automatic zero setting mechanism (AZSM)
Tare: platter, key board, programmed with PLU Semi-automatic (push button) zero
Enunciators for: lb or kg and $/lb or $/ kg
AC power supply with internal recharging DC battery with low battery indicator
NTEP Approved 06-013 Legal for Buying & Selling


laundry scale with basket

CAS S2000 JR Price Computing Scale Brochure (pdf file)
Capacity Dual Range x Readability

These S-2000 JR scales feature a "dual range" capacity. This is a nice feature that means you get increased readability that you probably wouldn't get on most other price computing scales. For example on a 60 pound capacity price computing scale from most other manufacturers, the scale will increment up/down from zero to 60 pounds in 0.02 lb increments.

The 60 lb. S2000 JR displays weight from zero to 30 lbs in increments up/down in 0.01 lbs. Then from 30 to 60 lbs, the scale will increment up/down in 0.02 lb increments.


S2000 Jr Price Computing Scale LCD display




Optional Printer & Labels Available




Order the S-2000 JR w/ optional Label Printer and don't forget to add labels!




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  Regarding the previous review, we published it since we try to be fair and give everyone a say, even if they do say bad things about our company and our... more...
laundry owner May 26, 2012 Roger Heckel 247 Walker Valley rd CA US
  This scale is very easy to use, and the quality is Great!! more...
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  I would give this no stars if it were an option. The basket came separately from the actual scale. The plate on the scale is too small alone to handle bags... more...