A Summary of Buying & Selling Digital Scales Online

By | December 2, 2021

As we move towards the end of 2021… I can’t help but think back and remember some of the successes and not so good moments of the year.  For our website, it was a nice rebound from a challenging 2020.  Of course, the challenges still exist at the present time.  We have seen unprecedented price increases throughout this year.  We have also had a tough time nailing down lead times for various suppliers. And to top it off, we received an email from UPS this week that mentions a 5.9% increase starting in late December.

Still with all the challenges, we’ve managed to have a successful year.  A big part of that is because of our loyal customers.  Thank you!  I wanted to highlight a few of the popular items from this past year.

Many customers have been looking for a really low profile platform scale to weigh drums or barrels.  Several models of drum scales have been popular with numerous customers this year.

When it comes to selling fruits and vegetables at the farmers market, our scales can often be seen there each week. We have digital and mechanical choices to consider. Our legal for trade hanging produce scale has been a great seller for many years. The produce scale is a subject we have talked about before.

Unfortunately, over the past decade, it has been a race to the bottom in regards to floor scales. Many online sellers continue to peddle low cost platform scales with cheap digital weight indicators.  We have worked really hard to source both high quality floor scales and good value choices as well. Our certified legal for trade floor scales are popular with many customers every single year.

Same thing we wrote about above applies to counting scales as well. We try to offer cheap scales that we think will work fairly well for you AND we also offer better scales which are more expensive but should provide a more durable weighing instrument.

Our animal weighing scales have been popular with our customers for many years.  Our large dog scale choices that we’ve discussed before are still available or any other veterinary scale that we offer to weigh everything from cats and dogs to a horse.

Our medical scale choices are great weighing devices for weighing patients. The mechanical or digital doctor scale choices that we offer from top brands like seca, Befour, and Detecto are sure to work out for just about anyone. That is probably why physician offices, doctors, hospitals etc… contact us for product recommendations just about every month.

I could go on but you get the point.  As always, if you’re interested in a weighing product but you need a little buying advice, please reach out to our customer service desk and they will be happy to recommend the top products that we feel will work best for your weighing application.