Top Digital Weighing Scale Indicators to Consider

By | December 20, 2018

Our selection of scale indicators is impressive for an ecommerce website that sells digital scales. Basically a scale indicator, also known as a digital weight indicator, displays and manages the weight data that the scale platform it’s connected to detects. Scale Indicators are designed for just about any weighing application that you can imagine. These products typically will function for any business seeking to view the scale weight information from their scale platform.

Scale indicators provide a wide range of functionality. We have basic weighing indicators like the Transcell TI-500E and Brecknell SBI-505. We have middle of the road scale indicators like the Rice Lake 480 and there are also complex weight indicators like the Rice Lake 1280 or Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM615. Some of these weight indicators are great at simply displaying the weight, while others are capable of complex recipe formulation or process control and transmission of data for back office management.

On this website, we typically do not handle the very complex weighing indicators since those often involve a lot of programming and customization… things that an ecommerce website are not geared to tackle. For those items, we recommend that you work with a local scale company.

Scale indicators that we offer can often be used with a range of weighing scale systems or platforms. Below is a summary of what we recommend.

rice lake 480 legend scale indicator


For the basic category, we typically recommend either the Transcell TI-500E or the Inscale LP7510A scale indicators. The TI500E has a plastic enclosure and has green LED digits. The power is provided by 110VAC. The Inscale LP-7510A has a painted steel enclosure and has red LED digits. Both of these indicators are popular with customers looking for an economical scale indicator that is also reliable. If you need a slightly more advanced choice, then you might look at the Transcell TI-500SL. This popular indicator features battery power and adjustable peak hold capability.


If you’re looking for something a little nicer than a basic readout, we recommend the Rice Lake 480 series weight indicators. These indicators feature a Stainless Steel enclosure and are available in either LED or LCD display. The 482 model, is the LCD version. You can also add battery power to this unit. Analog output is also an option with these scale controllers.

One other choice that some customers like is the Pennsylvania 7600+. This scale indicator is a solid choice for various applications. The Transcell TI-1680 is another choice that some customers like, mainly because it has a lot of features packed into an affordable digital weight indicator.


As mentioned earlier, we don’t handle the advanced scale indicators like the Rice Lake 1280 or the Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM605.  The reason is that most of those units require experienced scale tech’s to program and install them.  However, some of the slightly lower level “high end” indicators still pack quite a punch when you look at their capabilities. The Cardinal 210 weight indicator is a pretty nice unit if you can obtain it. Lead times have been kind of long for that unit. The Pennsylvania 7600E also has a lot of capability for the price, and is a pretty nicely priced scale indicator for truck scales.

So there you have it, this is a general idea of what indicators that we recommend. This is not a complete list… There are other products in the marketplace that are really good products. But, we have experience using the items mentioned in this article and feel pretty confident in their performance and overall value.

We also wanted to mention the cheap scale indicators that are out there in the marketplace. We recommend using the indicators that we suggested above. Are there less expensive choices out there? Yes. But are they as easy to setup and reliable as the choices we recommend? Typically, the answer is no. In many cases, an affordable TI-500E will work really well for a lot of businesses that need a replacement scale indicator.

If you have a particular application that you’re trying to connect with a digital weight indicator, contact our customer service and we can provide you our product recommendation. We’ve been doing just that for customers on this website, since 2005.