Can You Weigh a Baby on a Regular Scale?

By | April 10, 2024

In today’s entry we answer some of your top questions about baby scales and pediatrician office weighing equipment. So let’s go ahead and get started.

Can You Weigh a Baby on a Regular Scale?

If you’re a hospital or pediatric doctor’s office, you will obviously want to have a true baby scale in place. These are the smaller size scales that you lay the infant on and (hopefully) they lay still long enough to get an accurate weight. We have the best baby scales available from virtually all the top names like seca, HealthOMeter, Doran Medical, Rice Lake Healthweigh, etc….

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In some cases, it’s nice to have a baby scale at home as well. However, if you’ don’t have an infant scale at home or you don’t want to purchase one, here is what you can do instead.  Have an adult stand on a good quality bathroom scale and get their weight.  Then have that same adult carefully stand on the scale while holding the baby. Write both numbers down, do a little math and you can determine the baby’s weight using this strategy.

How to Check Baby Weight at Home Without a Scale?

Another question that sometimes comes up is how can I check the baby’s weight at home if I don’t have a scale?  Well, you could go to the hospital or pediatrician’s office on multiple days and get weight checks done with a nurse.  Or, you probably need to invest a little money into a good quality bathroom scale and use the method we mentioned above. That would probably be the preferred method since you wouldn’t have to drive to the doctors office each time you need to get a weight check done.

What are the Key Features I Should Look for in a Baby Scale?

All of us look at price. But there are some other important things to consider as well. I will name a few to consider. First, name brand quality. Trust a brand that you’ve seen before. Odds are you’ve seen scales in your doctors office or your children’s doctors office. Look for those reputable scale brands like Befour, seca, HealthOMeter, Detecto, etc… Secondly, look for a scale that meets your requirements. Things like easy to move, battery power, scale dimensions, max capacity, accuracy, weight lock capability, etc…. Get all those things figured out and then look at the prices and availability and then buy your baby scale from a top online seller of scales and weighing equipment.  

Hope this has helped you out if you’re in the market for buying a baby scale. If you need recommendations or buying advice please contact customer service for assistance today.