CAS S2000Jr Questions, Answers, Review, Manuals, & More

By | January 4, 2017

The internet is great for a lot of things but when it comes to purchasing commercial scales that are meant for buying and selling products to customers, you need to know the correct answers to your buying questions, before you make the purchase. The CAS S2000Jr retail scale is a popular price computing scale that many folks have purchased from us over the years. In this article, we would like to answer some of the most popular questions that we get regarding this scale. And, yes there may be some overlap between questions but each one is a question that has been asked. We’ll also answer a few questions about our thoughts & experiences as well as s2000jr alternatives.

So let’s get started! Right off the bat I want to mention that this is an excellent price computing scale. The scale is fairly easy to use and the battery life is very long and rarely needs charging. The scale also offers dual range capacity and readability which is really nice. The scale also has an optional label printer available that will allow you to print basic price per pound information. The printing is very basic, so if you are looking to print off more advanced information, then you may want to consider an actual label printing scale like the CL5000 and would be helpful for those of you labeling food. But if you’re looking for an inexpensive price computing scale with label printer the S-2000 JR is probably going to be your best overall value in the market. The picture below is the standard version with VFD display.

cas s2000jr

Now let’s get to your most popular questions!

Does the CAS S2000JR scale come with a manual?
Yes however, the CAS s2000jr scale manual is not the most user friendly scale instruction guide that you’re going to find. Regarding calibration, calibration manuals and the service manual, are only used by authorized CAS Scale distributors.

How is the scale powered?
The scale operates on standard 110VAC power or rechargeable battery. Yes, we do offer CAS s2000jr replacement battery choices in our store.

Is there a cas s2000jr scale review somewhere that I can read?
This is the best one that we know of.  We try to answer your most asked questions about the scale. We’ve already stated that we like the scale and would recommend it.

How do I enter the weight of a empty bucket?
There is a tare button on the front keypad. Place your container on the scale and press the tare button. Next, you would enter your price per pound on the numerical keypad and then start weighing your items.

What are the display choices? I see different color displays and towers?
The S2000JR comes in three capacity choices: 15 lb, 30 lb, or 60lb. The scale has two display choices: LCD or VFD. The scale also has an optional tower display available.

Does the S2000JR digital price computing scale print labels?
Yes with the optional label printer that we offer.

How large is the weighing platform?
Approximately 12″ x 8.75″

Are these scales NTEP approved / Legal for Trade / Certified for buying and selling candy / produce / etc…?
Yes the scale is NTEP Approved. The stamp with the Certificate of Conformance Number (CoC#) is usually on the side of the scale. It is legal to use for commerce although depending on your states rules it might need to be certified by either a local scale company or certified by your state weight and measurement. Might be a good idea to contact your state department of agriculture.

How long is battery life?
This varies depending on which display type you choose. LCD is approximately 200 hours without backlight. VFD display is approximately 6 hours.

Is the scale able to weigh in ounces?
Yes, it displays weight in pounds, kilograms, or ounces.

Does the scale have a display on the back so customers can see the price?
Yes the S2000jr has a display on the front for the scale operator to see and a display on the back so the customer can see the weight and price information.

Can the S2000Jr program my popular items for frequent use?
Yes the scale has approximately 3 Direct PLU’s and 199 Indirect PLU’s. This varies based on whether you choose a standard counter top version or pole mount version. The pole mount version has room for more direct PLU’s since the display is up on the pole.

Does the scale come with the battery charger?
Yes the AC adapter powers the scale and can recharge the battery.

Does the scale have battery power? If so what kind of batteries?
Yes the scale does have battery power. The battery is an internal rechargeable battery. We do have other brands of scales that take “D” size batteries if you prefer.

Can this scale be used for commercial purposes?
Yes it is NTEP approved Class III

What are the capacity numbers on the s2000jr, it seems confusing?
The S2000JR features “Dual Range” which is kind of like getting two scales for the price of one. Let’s take the 30 lb capacity for example. On a regular commercial scale, you would see 30 lb capacity with 0.01 lb readability. But with the S2000JR and dual range capability, from 0 to 15 lb, the scale will read down to three decimal places for increased accuracy. Then from 15 to 30 lb it will read weights in the standard 0.01 lb increments.

Does the scale have a communications port?
Yes, the RS-232 data port allows a printer to connect easily to the scale. We have sold this scale with the DLP-50 label label printer.

Does this scale have a display on both the front and back?
Yes it displays the weight, price per pound, and total on both the front and the back. The LCD display can be standard or backlit.

Is the S2000Jr reliable?
In our experience, the CAS S2000JR is a reliable scale.

What digital price computing scale do you recommend?
In addition to the CAS S2000 Junior, we are big fans of several other brands of retail scales. For many years we used to sell the Mettler Toledo 8433 price computing scale. That was THE go to scale for a good, reliable retail scale. Then it became the Tiger 2, and then the XRT-4710 etc… Now that lineup is sold under the Ohaus banner, so we like the Ohaus Aviator line of scales. We also like the Rice Lake RS-130 and RS-160 if you are looking for a more compact retail scale.