What are 5 Advantages to using a Legal for Trade Scale over a non-ntep scale?

By | February 8, 2023

Trade scales are pretty standard these days. Most consumers expect to see a legal for trade NTEP scale anytime they buy something based on weight. Unfortunately, there are also non-ntep scales available for under $100 that allow sellers to take shortcuts and utilize a scale that could probably not even pass the NTEP certification process. Trade scales receive a certificate of conformance number once they become NTEP certified scales. A legal for trade scale is simply a good idea for commercial transactions (Look for NTEP and Measurement Canada if you’re in Canada).

Legal for Trade Accuracy

Legal for trade scales are required to meet strict accuracy standards, which can help ensure that customers are charged the correct price for the produce they purchase.

Trade Scales Compliance

Using a legal for trade scale can help ensure that your produce stand is in compliance with relevant laws and regulations related to weighing and pricing produce. As you can imagine, rules and regulations can vary from state to state regarding weighing equipment. Be sure to check with your local weighing and measurement department to find out what rules exist regarding weighing equipment such as the price computing variety (and others such as floor scales or a legal for trade hanging scale).

Protection by Using NTEP Certified Scales

If you’re using a legal for trade scale, it can help protect you from potential disputes related to pricing. Of course, having a scale with NTEP approval is not enough. You also want to make sure you have your NTEP certified scales checked and calibrated on a regular basis.

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Trust Between the Buyer & Seller

Customers may feel more confident in the fairness of your pricing if you use NTEP certified scales, which can help build trust in your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling blueberries or buying gold, people have to feel confident that the weight on the trade scales is accurate.

NTEP Scale Improves Overall Professionalism

Using a legal for trade scale may convey a sense of professionalism to customers, as it demonstrates a commitment to accuracy and compliance. If you’re in the market for a set of trade scales don’t hesitate to contact customer service and we can assist you in making a smart purchase.

Trade Price Computing Scale & Floor Scales Plus More…

If you’re buying or selling precious metals or strawberries based on weight, it’s a good idea to use NTEP certified scales. Trade scales are actually available in many different styles. A trade price computing scale allows you to sell things by the pound or ounce. There are floor scales that are legal for trade as well. There’s also things like a crane scale and bench scale that are legal for trade as well. There is even a legal for trade scale with printer available.