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Build Your Own Race Car Scales? Well… Maybe?

Continuing with our latest trend of reviewing and analyzing these DIY scale kit videos, today we tackle the Build Your Own Wheel Weigher Scale conundrum.  Now technically we don’t really offer a scale kit that is specifically designed to build your race car scale or wheel weigher kit. However, you can modify and design your… Read More »

What’s the Best Place to Buy Calibration Weights?

No matter what you’re weighing, scales require regular calibration to ensure accurate measurements. Calibration weights measure the accuracy and dependability of weighing instruments and help you recalibrate the scale to ensure correct measurements. This article will discuss the best place to buy calibration weights (or cal weights). How to Calibrate a Scale with Calibration Weights… Read More »

DIY Livestock Scale Kit

Today I want to write about an informative YouTube video that I just watched regarding a DIY livestock scale kit. The man who is in the video purchased this kit (from someone else, unfortunately).  However, he did a great job documenting the process of his, do it yourself scale kit that he purchased online. The… Read More »

How Does a Weighing Load Cell inside a Scale Work?

The digital weight indicator is the item in a scale system that scale operators deal with every day. You look at the weight display. Perhaps you press the “Zero” button occasionally.  While the digital scale controller is very important, the weight fluctuations are actually being measured by the load cell(s) inside the scale platform. What… Read More »

Ordering Certified Test Weights is Simple

We have been offering certified test weights on this website for over fifteen years!  Ordering test weights is super simple and in many cases we can get your test weights shipped out the same day. If you order the weights with actual certificates, that typically pushes the ship dates out about a week or so.… Read More »