Sensortronics 60001A Load Cell 2500 lb.

Sensortronics 60001A Load Cell 2500 lb.

Load Cell,S-Beam 60001A-2.5K-1177 2500 lb 20ft cable Sensortronics 3mV/V 350 OHM WW NTEP III 5S/ IIIL 10S FM IP67
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2500 lb. Sensortronics 60001 S-Beam Alloy Steel Load Cell

Sensortronics Model 60001 is a tension-compression s-beam load cell with a humidity-resistant coating and shielded cables, which enable use in harsh environments while maintaining operating specifications. Additional sense wires compensate for changes in lead resistance due to temperature change and/or cable extension. Ideally suited for lever conversions, hanging scales, force measurement and a wide range of other industrial applications. Nickel plated for outstanding corrosion resistance.


• Tank, bin and hopper weighing
• Level and inventory monitoring
• Truck scale conversions
• Tension and compression measurements


Full Scale Output: 3.0 mV/V
Bridge Resistance: 350 ohms, nominal
Material/Finish: High-alloy steel, nickel plated
Temperature: Compensated range
14°F to 104°F/-10°C to 40°C
Safe Overload: 150% Full scale
Rated Excitation: 10V DC (15V maximum)
Nonlinearity: 0.03% Full scale
Hysteresis: 0.02% Full scale
Insulation Resistance: 5000 megohms
Seal Type: Environmentally sealed
Cable Length: 20' / 6.1 m
Cable Diameter: .200 Polyurethane jacket
Cable Color Code:
Red................ + Excitation
Black............. – Excitation
Green............ + Signal
White............. – Signal
Warranty: One-year limited warranty

60001 load cell


 Part Number   Capacity
 60001A-25-1177   25 lb 
 60001A-50-1177   50 lb 
 60001A-100-1177   100 lb 
 60001A-200-1177   200 lb 
 60001A-250-1177   250 lb 
 60001A-300-1177   300 lb 
 60001A-500-1177   500 lb 
 6001A-750-1177   750 lb 
 60001A-1K-1177   1,000 lb 
 60001A-1.5K-1177   1,500 lb 
 60001A-2K-1177   2,000 lb 
 60001A-2.5K-1177   2,500 lb 
 60001A-3K-1177   3,000 lb 
 60001A-5K-1177   5,000 lb 
 60001A-10K-1177   10,000 lb 
 60001A-15K-1177   15,000 lb 
 60001A-20K-1177   20,000 lb 


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