How Much Does it Cost to Calibrate Weights?

By | June 29, 2018

A question that we receive every so often involves the cost to calibrate weights. I think there are actually a couple of different answers to this question about test weights. It really depends on what the person asking the question is referring to.

First scenario is: Some folks want to know originally when you are first purchasing a test weight, how much it’s going to cost to have it calibrated. Second scenario is: Others want to know how much does it cost to calibrate the weight once you already have the weight in your possession.

The first scenario is actually pretty easy to answer. If you look on our website at the test weights, you will see a drop down box that shows the cost for a traceable certificate. If you order your test weights with a traceable certificate, the weights will be tested and be delivered to you within a specified tolerance. You will also receive the paperwork that shows this as well. Then after you receive the weights, you can use them throughout the year. Then, after a year or two you can have them tested once again for accuracy.

calibration test weight

That leads us to the second scenario; where you already own the weights and you want to have them certified or calibrated. That is what we will discuss next. In many cases, the easiest thing to do is to contact your state weighing and measurement laboratory and work directly with them. That will usually be the most cost effective way to have your test weights tested and calibrated and usually this process can happen fairly quickly as well. If the location is close enough to you, you can even drive the weights to the laboratory and bring them back, same day.

There you have it, all you ever wanted to know about the cost to calibrate weights. Everyday we ship out calibration test weights to customers. Many customers love our cast iron grip handle weights, while others rely on our NIST Class F stainless steel cylinder weights and portable weight kits. We offer the test weights themselves or you can add a traceable certificate if you’re quality control department needs the documentation. Most of our test weight orders ship out within a day or two. If you order a traceable certificate, that can add about four extra days to the lead time.