Ordering Certified Test Weights is Simple

By | May 11, 2022

We have been offering certified test weights on this website for over fifteen years!  Ordering test weights is super simple and in many cases we can get your test weights shipped out the same day. If you order the weights with actual certificates, that typically pushes the ship dates out about a week or so. In fact, we’re proud to be known as the popular answer on the internet when folks ask where to buy calibration weights

What is a Calibration Weight?

Basically, a calibration test weight can be used to check something such as a digital scale to make sure it is weighing accurately.  A certified scale technician can also use the weight to calibrate a scale. 

What are Certified Test Weights Used for?

It goes without saying, but we’ll mention it again in case you don’t know…. the weights you buy for working out are not as accurate as our certified test weights.  The weights you find in your local sporting goods store or big box retailer are fine for exercise. However, they are not typically held to the same standards that our certified test weights are manufactured to. 

Customers buy our weights for various reasons. Most customers purchase our certified test weights to verify their scales are weighing correctly every so often. Most customers choose to buy our painted cast iron test weights which have a grip handle on top for easy portability.  

NIST Class F Test Weight

Some customers prefer the buy our stainless steel weights.  The majority of our stainless steel weights are smaller gram weights.  We do also have some stainless steel grip handle weights as well.

How Often do Test Weights Need to be Calibrated?

We typically recommend having your test weights re-tested and/or calibrated every year.  This can vary depending on your particular application.  We know of some situations where customers choose every two years.  Some customers choose to have their weights checked more frequently and some customers don’t ever have their weights checked.  

What Type or Class of Weights Do You Recommend?

For most applications that we encounter, we recommend the ASTM Class 6 test weights. The class 6 along with the NIST Class F weights that we’ve sold for many years are ideal test weights for scales or test weights for calibration.  As we mentioned earlier, the weights are very accurate when they ship to you but if you need documentation, we suggest ordering certified calibration weights with the traceable certificate.

We offer almost all the most popular weights like 20 lb, 50 lb etc… but we also offer a wide selection of gram calibration weights as well. In fact, every few days we usually receive one of the following questions…  Is a 10 gram weight enough to calibrate a 500 gram scale? What can you use for a gram weight to calibrate a scale? What can i use for a 500 gram calibration weight? What is the gram weight of calibrating a pair of scales? How to calibrate a 200 g scale with a 100 gram weight? How to calibrate a gram scale without weights? Is a 10 gram weight enough to calibrate a scale?  Where do I get a 200 gram weight to calibrate a scale? What can be used as a 50 gram calibration weight?  

If you have questions about our weights, please contact customer service and we would be happy to assist you.