Best Dog Scale for the Money in 2022

By | March 2, 2016

UPDATE: We wrote this article back in 2016. The current update is basically the same. The VS-2501 is the best choice for most customers.

As I was starting to write this article on what is the best dog scale, I started thinking back over the past decade at all the different animal scales that we’ve either seen or sold to customers. It’s interesting to think about all the different models that have been available. I remember the Weighsouth VS-250E and the Salter Brecknell PS-250 for example. Those were good selling scales back in their day but thankfully I would say we actually have better choices today from those same manufacturers. Also see portable scales for dogs.

With almost all our products there is a balancing that has to occur. Simply put price versus quality. How much quality and value do you need versus how much do you want to pay for a veterinary scale?

If you have the money, you can certainly purchase a Detecto Vet 400 dog scale or perhaps a Seca 634 and spend over a thousand dollars. The truth is those scales are very good digital devices. If you purchase those items, the chances are they will give you years of outstanding service. But in many cases the high prices for this type of product are really hard to justify. The scales are not NTEP approved and they’re not completely stainless steel.

The fact is, most people don’t have that kind of budget in place. As I often mention, if you are looking to make a purchase, please do some research and determine what features you need versus what features do you want. For example, I might need a scale that has battery power but I might want a scale that has a RS232 serial port. I suggest taking a sheet of paper out and writing down the features that you must have. You might also write down some of your favorite model numbers so you’ll remember. So, I want to take a few minutes and go over the features of a few of the animal scales that we consider to be very good choices.

If you asked me right now, what is the best dog scale, I would probably say the Weighsouth VS-2501.

The reasons I like this scale basically are as follows: I like the construction. The scale is very industrial like in its construction. When you look underneath you can see the bracing and the quality of the 43″x20″ weighing platform. The weighing capacity is 700 pounds. The digital indicator is also has a very industrial appearance. This is not some half plastic scale that someone through together to weigh dogs. This is a high quality scale that is actually priced really well at under $500. For weighing small to large animals it’s hard to top the quality and construction of the Weighsouth VS-2501 dog scale. It’s large 43″ x 20″ platform is large enough for lamas and alpacas, yet small and accurate enough for the smaller breeds of dogs. You can click the picture below for additional purchasing information.

weighsouth vs2501 dog scale


The VS-2501 is equipped with two Hold Functions. The Hold function is enabled in the menu settings C11. C11 3 is Auto hold and C11 4 is Manual Hold using the keypad.

Auto Hold
When set to this function weigh the animal as normal by placing the animal on the platform. Once the animal becomes stable (within tolerances) the VS-2501 will calculate the average from various readings. Once the average is set the VS-2501 will lock in the weight and the Hold Light will illuminate. The weight will return to normal reading after the animal is removed from the unit.

Manual Hold
When set to this function weigh the animal as normal by placing the animal on the platform. Once the animal becomes stable (within tolerances) press the hold key and the VS-2501 will calculate the average from various readings. Once the average is set the VS-2501 will lock in the weight and the Hold Light will illuminate. The weight will return to normal reading after the animal is removed from the unit.

I also like Weighsouth, who supports the product and knows it inside and out. WeighSouth understands the importance of getting accurate and reliable products to you fast. Unlike many distributors they keep a large inventory of products in their warehouse for fast shipping. They are a top company representing brands like Mettler Toledo, Ohaus, A&D Weighing, and Sartorius. They’ve been in business since 1990 offering customers excellent quality, service and value. Overall, this is the best animal scale for the money in 2016 in my opinion.

Of course, there are other choices available in this market. Another great choice to consider is the Brecknell PS500 series.

Unlike the Weighsouth model I just mentioned, the PS-500 does have three different size weighing platforms (22″x22″, 22″x36″, 22″x42″) which can come in handy if you’re trying to weigh certain animals. The capacity is over 500 pounds which seems to be fairly standard in this class of scales. The weighing platform and digital indicator are not as industrial in style as the VS-2501. The price is competitive and the company, Brecknell is outstanding when it comes to offering good quality products at a reasonable price. The PS500 dog scale also offers a hold function.

Hold function setting
Xy=0: No hold function
Xy=1: When the scale becomes stable, it will hold the larger weight reading
Xy=2: When the scale becomes stable, it will automatically display and hold the weight reading. When this weight is below 10d, HOLD function will automatically inactivated. When the new weight is more than 10d, the scale will hold the new weight when stable.
Xy=3-50: When the weight variety is within the setting range +3~50d, the weight reading will remain unchangeable.

Brecknell, is part of Avery Weigh-Tronix, a proud member of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) company. Founded in 1761, Brecknell has become a world wide leader in weighing solutions for customers looking for quality and accuracy while maintaining a sensible budget. Brecknell products are designed and constructed with a focus on value, accuracy and easy operation for all your weighing applications. Today Brecknell products can be found in most weighing applications. The Brecknell global footprint and reach allows Brecknell to offer the highest quality of service and support to our global customers.

The last set of scales I wanted to mention is the Tree lineup from LW Measurements. The Tree LVS 700 (38″x20″ platform) and LVS 700 XL (44″x22″ platform) are outstanding vet scales as well.

We have many customers who like this scale because of its quality and low price. LW Measurements is located in Santa Rosa, California. Founder, Boon Lim, developed all the Tree brand scales with his unique AnyCAL software, scale designs and tooling. The scales and balances are manufactured in facilities in Changzhou and Fuzhou China owned by Boon’s relatives. Boon has extensive experience and has served the weighing industry in international marketing, product design, engineering, and manufacturing for 25 years beginning in Columbus Ohio, then Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and most recently in China. The LVS has several different platform sizes available and a large 700 pound weighing capacity. The power is provided by standard 110VAC and rechargeable battery. The dog scale also has a handle and some light duty wheels which make basic moving of the scale fairly easy. Can you move the scale from one room to the next, absolutely. Can you roll the scale a mile down the hallway on those wheels, probably not. These scales also have a hold function as well.

Hold function
Press the “on/off” key to turn on the scale, place the item on the platform.
Wait for the readings to stabilize, press the Hold” key, the “ . “ indicator will show
Remove the item from the platform, the readings will still remain on the display
Press the “Hold” key to quit hold function mode

A couple of special notes I want to mention about all our veterinary scales.

First, almost 100% of the time, the scales are calibrated at the factory using real test weights. So usually no calibration is necessary (by you) unless major inaccuracies are observed. If calibration is deemed necessary, an appropriate accurate test weight of at least 2/3 of the full capacity of the scale should be used to obtain accurate weighing.

Secondly, as with almost everything you can buy these days online, please pay attention to brand name quality. Look, it’s “relatively” easy these days to obtain digital scales from China for whatever need you may have. In this case, weighing dogs. But who manufacturers the product? Are they even a scale manufacturer or are they just building cheap items in a Chinese factory somewhere? What is the warranty? Who supports the warranty? Be very careful with certain items that don’t have a reputable brand attached to them.

I would also like to mention the same is true for sellers. Make sure you choose a reputable scale website when you’re making your purchase. I’ll be the first to admit, Amazon and Ebay are nice websites and I’ve bought things from each site, but each of those websites have sellers who market their products on the website which is great. But, are those sellers actually able to work on a dog scale or are they just moving boxes?

So to summarize, if you’re looking for the best dog scale, I suggest you take a serious look at the Weighsouth VS-2501 veterinary scale. We’ve been offering this scale on our website for several years now and it is very popular with customers who want a reliable scale at an affordable price. I hope this article gives you some valuable insight and as always please contact us if you have any questions.