Pricing Adjustments in 2021

By | July 1, 2021

I don’t know if you’re experiencing much of this in your particular field but in our industry we are getting hit with price increases almost every day…. and stock issues are more prevalent than ever as well. 

Otherwise, we’re working hard and doing the best that we can.  I wanted to write this post just to alert you to the challenges that we’re facing. In fact, below is an email I just received from a scale manufacturer mentioning their next price increase which starts July 1st. I think this is price hike number three this year for this particular manufacturer! 

We continually monitor our supply chain and work hard to provide the best products at competitive prices and with a reasonable lead time. Often, the company is able to absorb cost changes in raw materials or components by improving manufacturing processes or making adjustments during our annual cycle.

At this time, however, we are experiencing price fluctuations of enough significance that we are compelled to increase our prices on the product lines listed below, effective July 1, 2021. Please note, the below percentages are an average for each category. Individual products may have an increase greater or less than the product line’s overall average.

Axle Scales—20%
Truck Scales—10%
Railroad Scales—10%
Floor Scales—10%
Bench Scales—10%
Junction Boxes—5%
Tank & Hopper Mounts—5%

We value your business and appreciate every opportunity to offer our products and services to you. Like many, we are currently experiencing some disruptions in availability of materials for our products. We are working with both our manufacturing team and our suppliers to solve these temporary delays.

There you have it, I just wanted to provide you with an inside look at what we’re dealing with (and you’re likely dealing with something similar in your field).  We are trying really hard to keep up with product prices and availability but it is difficult. We ask that you please work with us and have a little patience as we try to get things going as smoothly as we’re accustomed.  If we contact you and mention pricing adjustments or availability issues, please understand that we’re doing the best we can.