Stock Issues & Delays in 2021

By | May 1, 2021

Not quite sure exactly why this is happening but we are having some difficult times lately with obtaining some of our items. The price of steel has been increasing for awhile now and that has led to increased cost for items such as industrial floor scales. We are also having a tough time sourcing some of our load cell capacities as well. 

We have experienced some price increases and potential stock disruptions. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have supported our customers by offering similar prices from 2019 and increasing inventory.

Unfortunately, a year into the pandemic we are now facing the same price increases and raw material shortages as every other business. To help you prepare and manage your expectations, we are advising you that our prices will likely increase on certain items. We’re not sure how much but we’ve been seeing certain suppliers raise prices between 5% and 15%.  The other major concern is lead times.  Shipping container costs have doubled in 12 months. LCD, LED and processors are unavailable and are the major cause of back orders and stock outages overseas from what we’re hearing.

Stainless steel, electronic components, batteries and adapters have seen major price increases as well. We are working closely with our manufacturers to get accurate updates on our products. Should you have any special needs or concerns, please let us know.

This article is just a fyi type of article. As always, we will do our best to offer quality weighing products and ship them to you as fast as possible.