Scales from 0 to 150 lb. capacity

This page consists of an assortment of our scales in capacities from 0 to 150 pounds. Our scales are rugged, dependable and ideal for accurate weight management.

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  • Intercomp CW250 Portable Floor Scale 2000 lb.
    Intercomp CW250 24x24 Portable Scale 150 lb.Intercomp CW250 24x24 is ideal for weighing tanks, drums, boxes, cylinders, and miscellaneous items. Scale is battery operated (charger adapter and cable provided) Includes infrared remote control. Wheels are optional. note: 150 lb cap is non ntep. Normal lead time for this item is 2 weeks before shipment.
  • Mettler Toledo BC-60 Digital Shipping Scale Replaces PS60
    Mettler Toledo BC60 UPS Shipping ScaleMettler Toledo BC-60 shipping scales are ideal for many weighing applications & system integration is important. Whether at the receiving or shipping dock, stand-alone or computer-based, you get accurate weighments at an economical price. UPS Worldship Software Compatible Scale. USB and RS232 ports. Stainless Steel Platter 12.3" x 13.9" NTEP Approved. Replaces popular PS-60. Capacity is 150 x 0.05 lbs.
  • Mettler Toledo PS6L Parcel Shipping Scale BC-6LU-1501-110
    Mettler Toledo BC6L Letter / Parcel Shipping ScaleMettler Toledo BC-6LU letter & parcel scale replaces the PS6L & is specifically designed to weigh both letters and packages. BCA-222-6LU-1501-110 has 150 pound capacity and lbs/oz readability, it is an ideal choice for today’s mailer & shipper. NTEP certified so it can be legally used in commercial applications. Stainless Steel Platform 11.8" x 13.8" Capacity: 0-10 lb. x 0.1 oz / 0-70 lb. x 0.2 oz. / 0-150 lb. x 0.5 oz
  • zp900 balltop shipping scale nci 7620
    Avery Weigh-Tronix ZP900 Mailing Scale 150 lb RS232 Ball Top PlatterThe high resolution postal weight classifier of choice designed specifically to weigh letters, flats, parcels and larger packages on a single scale. The Weigh-Tronix ZP900 w/ balltop platter features a multi-weight range capability to weigh small parcels, as well as, large packages all on one scale with greater accuracy. Replaces NCI 7620 RS-232 12"x 14" Ball Top Platter. Cap: 10/150 lb x 0.1/0.5 oz$1,285.00$1,195.00
  • Weigh-Tronix 7820 Scale AWT05-508638 Replaces NCI 9503-16504 16505
    NCI 7820 Parcel Shipping Scale Ball Top Platter 150 lb.7820 by Avery Weigh-Tronix is accurate and reliable. Item AWT05-508641 features fast digital response - Speeds weight processing time -- Compact low profile base - Fits easily into any operation and provides convenient mobility. -- RS-232 bi-directional output. Uses standard PC cable to 9-pin "D" connector on scale. Capacity: 150 lbs 12x14" Ball Top Platter. Old part number: 9503-16510
  • NCI 7880 Shipping Scale Large Parcels 9503-16935
    NCI 7880 Parcel Shipping Scale Balltop 100 lb.NCI 7880 with 100 pound capacity is a great choice for large parcels with its fast digital response and large 18 x 18 ball top platter it easily accommodates oversize parcels or containers in the shipping room. With the DuraBridge™ technology the NCI 7880 withstands the rigors of day-to-day use. NCI Model 7880 has NTEP and Canadian Weights and Measures approvals, to ensure accuracy.
  • Ohaus Defender 3000 D31P60BL Economy Bench Scale
    Ohaus Defender 3000 D31P60BR 12x14 150 lb.The Ohaus Defender 3000 D31P60BR Bench Scales have been designed as reliable and affordable scales for use in production, packaging, and shipping and receiving areas. 150 lb capacity with 12x14 platform. The Defender 3000 Series feature a simple, yet rugged, tubular-frame base design and indicators with tactile keys, backlit LCD display, built-in rechargeable battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities.
  • Ohaus Defender 5000 12x14 Legal For Trade Scale 150 lb.Ohaus Defender 5000 scale is durable and economical. These 150 pound capacity portable, plug-and-play scales are ready to go to work for you right out of the box. Platform 12" x 14". NTEP Legal for Trade
  • Ohaus Ranger 3000 R31P30 Bench Scale 60 lbOhaus Ranger 3000 replaces the EB30 multi-function weighing scale designed as a cost effective solution for industrial applications. Ideal for light to medium industrial applications. Standard features include fast displayed results, integrated handholds, battery operation, multiple weigh modes. 60 x 0.002 lbs
  • Ohaus Ranger Count 3000 Portable Scale 30 lb.Ohaus Ranger Count 3000 replaces the EC15 Series Counting Scales with 30 pound max capacity are economical and designed for fast, accurate operation. Ideally suited for annual inventories, parts rooms, rentals and other counting applications. 30 x 0.001 lbs.
  • Pennsylvania 7500-200 Parts Count Scale
    Pennsylvania 7500-50 Heavy Duty Count ScaleVery popular counting scale. The Pennsylvania 7500-50 counting scale with 50 pound max capacity features simple 4 button keypad for easy counting for your annual inventory count. Made in USA designed for years of industrial use.
  • Pennsylvania 7600-200 Industrial Parts Counting Scale
    Pennsylvania 7600-50 Industrial Count ScalePopular industrial parts counting scale, the Pennsylvania 7600-50 features a max capacity of 50 pounds and full keypad. Great choice for speeding up your inventory counts. Constructed in Lancaster, PA.
  • Rice Lake Counterpart Counting Scales 50 x 0.005 lbs
    Rice Lake Counterpart Parts Counting Scale 5 lb.Rice Lake Counterpart advanced counting scale has 9" x 12" platter and capacity of 5 x 0.0005 lbs.
  • Digital Infant Scale Rice Lake RL-DBS Baby Scales
    Rice Lake Pediatric Digital Baby Scale RL-DBS 44 lb.Rice Lake RL-DBS digital baby scale features a large 1 inch easy to read LCD display. Capacity: 44 lb x 0.5 oz
  • RS-130 Retail Price Computing Scale -- calculates change
    Rice Lake RS130 Price Computing Scale lbs kg ozThe RS-130 is an NTEP certified Legal for Trade scale with customer display on rear of unit. This compact design makes it easy to transport and the rechargeable battery makes it completely portable. Features ability to switch between lbs kilograms and ounces. Plus it computes customer change for you. Capacity 30 x 0.01 lbs
  • Salter Brecknell Digital Scales, 150 Pound CapacitySalter PS-150 series models of bench scales are ideally suited to shipping & warehouse applications and general purpose weighing. These are very affordable scales with accurate weights up to 150 lb. Capacity: 150 x 0.2 lbs. Ground shipping included.
  • Salter Brecknell S100 Bench Scales 600 lb.
    Salter Brecknell S100 Bench Scale 150 lb.The Salter Brecknell S100 is a low cost general purpose, self-contained industrial scale with RS-232 interface for simple non-trade weighing applications. Capacity: 150 lbs.
  • Salter Brecknell C3235 Washdown Checkweigher Digital Scale 30 lb.
    Salter Brecknell C3235 Washdown Checkweigher 30 lb.The Salter Brecknell C3235 is a watertight 30 lb. checkweighing scale for the rapid indication of over, under or acceptable weight in a washdown environment. This compact and portable scale is specially designed for use in wet environments
  • Salter Brecknell ElectroSamson Digital Hanging Scale 99 lb.ElectroSamson Digital Hand-held Scale -- A modern scale offering all the qualities of a traditional hanging balance with the simplicity, convenience and accuracy of digital operation. Tare & Hold feature, hand held or suspended. Includes a T bar for two handed operation and a carrying pouch. Capacity: 99 lb.
  • seca 374 Baby Scale Digital Extra Large Weigh Tray
    Seca 374 Digital Baby Scale The shell-shaped design of the seca 374 is consistent with the high demands made on its multiple functions: suitable for babies and infants weighing up to 40 lbs, the large tray provides maximum safety against the baby falling from the scale. The clear controls of the user interface are located on the slightly raised, ergonomically formed side of the scale facing the user. Capacity: 44 lbs. Price Includes Ground Shipping (cont'l US)
  • Sportsman Digital Fishing Tournament Scale 50 lb.
    Sportsman Fishing Tournament Scale 50 lb.The Sportsman line of scales are particularly suited to fishing tournament weigh-in applications. These are very affordable non trade scales with accurate weights up to 50 x 0.01 lb. This scale operates on standard AC power or AA batteries (both included). A simple to read LCD display can be wall or stand mounted for easy visibility and the large keyboard switches work with gloved hands (wall and desk bracket included).
  • Tor-rey PZC-5/10 Digital Pizza Ingredient Portion Scale
    Tor Rey PZC-10/20 Digital Pizza Ingredient ScaleTorrey PZC-10/20 Digital Pizza Kitchen scales are ideal for parlor use, kitchen use, nutrition houses, etc. Scale features stainless 8" x 11" platter, backlit LCD display, rechargeable battery, displays weight in lbs, kg, or ounces. Foot tare pedal included. Capacity: 20 lbs
  • Torrey QC-20/40 Digital Counting Scale 40 lb.
    Tor Rey QC-20/40 Affordable Counting Scale 40 lb.The Tor Rey QC-20/40 affordable counting scale offers portability and reliability in this substantial counting scale. An ideal tool for factories, warehouses, hardware stores, printing houses, workshops and small businesses needing to save time in counting operations. 115VAC power / rechargeable battery. 40 x 0.005 lb
  • torrey lpc-40l ntep certified price computing scale
    Tor-rey LPC-40L Price Computing Scale 40 lbTake the guess work out of pricing with the Torrey LPC-40L series NTEP legal for trade price computing scales. Designed for portable use with AC power and built in rechargeable battery, the LPC-40L series is ideal for deli’s, bakeries, candy and coffee shops, convenience stores, produce markets, hardware stores and more. Display on front and back. Features a 40 lb x .01 pound capacity Portable: Works in reduce space thanks to its small size, 100 Price memories, 8 Direct access memory keys, Backlight Display, Brushed Steel construction.
  • Tor-rey PC80L Price Computing ScalesHigh capacity price computing scale, the Torrey PC-80L series NTEP legal for trade 80 lb. capacity price computing scale is designed for portable use with AC power and built in rechargeable battery, the PC80L series is ideal for hardware stores, laundry, deli’s, bakeries, candy and coffee shops, convenience stores, produce markets and more. Display on front and back. Features a 80 lb x 0.02 pound capacity
  • UWE Model APM-150 Versatile Bench Scale legal for trade 300 lbs.
    UWE APM-30 NTEP Bench Scale 60 lb.UWE APM-30 NTEP Approved Bench Scale 60 lb. capacity system features large LCD display which gives excellent readability in sunlight. Heavy duty construction will withstand harsh industrial operation. Light weight -- Ideal for portability, only approximately 15 lbs. Low profile Easy to load and unload platform only 4.1 inches / 105 mm high. Reads in kilograms or pounds -- Flexibility of operation. Platform: 11"x13"x4" -- Available w/ optional stainless steel column to mount digital readout to. Ground Shipping included for cont'l US
  • UWE FS-60 Washdown St Steel Scale 132 lb.Wash Down FS-60 Bench Scale system. Features Large LCD display which gives excellent readability in sunlight. Heavy duty construction will withstand harsh industrial operation. Reads in kilograms or pounds Platform: 16.7 x 20.7" 110VAC/Rech Batt. Cap: 132 lbs. Ground Shipping included for cont'l US
  • UWE SAC-60C Parts Counting Scale Triple Range
    UWE Triple Range SAC-60C Parts Counting ScaleUWE SAC counting scale includes -- Triple interval weighing range which allows for finer counting. Accumulation memory for weight and total count which gives ability to add together weighings, either by count or weight. Also features over weighing and counting alarm - Ensures fast throughput with fewer mistakes. Max capacity is 150 lbs. Ground Shipping included for cont'l US
  • UWE UFM-B150 NTEP Scale 300 lb. Legal for Trade
    UWE UFM-B60 NTEP Approved Scale 150 lb.NTEP Legal for Trade UWE UFM-B60 Bench Scale system 150 lb capacity. Features Large LCD display which gives excellent readability in sunlight. Heavy duty construction will withstand harsh industrial operation. 110VAC pwr / rechargeable battery. Ground Shipping included for cont'l US
  • PPC-200W Wash Down Water Resistant Digital Scale 40 lb.
    Yamato AccuWeigh PPC-200W Digital Washdown Scale 40 lb.Experience the value of the rugged NTEP approved Yamato Accu-Weigh Washdown bench scale. With Over/Under checkweighing, high accuracy, a portable wireless design, and washdown capability; the PPC-200W is perfectly suited for use in the poultry, seafood and meat processing industries. The most affordable washdown scale in the world, with exceptional quality and features. 40 x 0.02 lbs
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