Do You Offer a Legal for Trade Pocket Scale?

We received a request recently for a legal for trade pocket scale. To our knowledge there really isn’t a NTEP approved legal for trade pocket balance available. Our guess is typically a pocket scale is a very inexpensive portable weighing instrument. And while they are generally accurate; a pocket scale would not be able to pass… Read More »

Best Scientific Scale for the Money in 2016

Anytime you mention a term like scientific scale you have to define exactly what you’re talking about because that term can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different folks. When we use the term scientific scales, we are referring to scales that we feel would be used in a laboratory setting.… Read More »

Best Baby Scale For The Money in 2016

Ever so often I am asked what is the best baby scale to purchase? Most of the time it depends on several factors. What is your budget? Are you looking for a permanent setup or do you plan to carry the scale around to different locations? Do you need a scale with a seat or… Read More »

Top Waterproof Scales For The Money in 2016

The topic that I want to discuss today is the top waterproof scales for the money this year. For the record, I use the term waterproof since that is how some folks like to describe the stainless steel scale that can be washed off or cleaned off with water. I typically refer to it as… Read More »

Product Announcement Regarding Tree Brand LCT and MCT Counting Scales

Important announcement for fans of the Tree brand LCT counting scale and the MCT counting scales; there will be a change taking place with the internal battery. Currently, those popular counting scales use internal lead acid rechargeable batteries. However, that will soon change. The factory is going to start using Lithium Batteries in the MCT and LCT… Read More »

TORREY LPC40L Questions, Answers, Review, Alternative, & More

The internet is great for many things but when it comes to purchasing legal for trade commercial scales that are meant for buying and selling products to customers, you need to know the correct answers to your buying questions, before you make the purchase. The Torrey LPC40L retail scale is a popular price computing scale… Read More »

Follow These Rules For Best Weighing Results

Weighing is one of the most basic tasks performed in the laboratory or the warehouse. That is why it is important we do not underestimate certain factors that can influence proper results. Incorrect usage or unsuitable conditions may cause errors, especially for semi-micro balances, that are used to weigh the lightest samples. OHAUS has been… Read More »

Happy Memorial Day!

We would like to say thank you to the members of the Armed Forces who have served or who are currently serving. We live in such a great country! We hope that you have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day.

Best Analytical Balance for the Money

Today I want to write a quick note about the best analytical balance for the money. But, before we get started let’s look at the definition of what exactly is an analytical balance. As you can see from wikipedia, their view is the balance needs to have readability of a tenth of a gram or… Read More »