Ordering Certified Test Weights is Simple

We have been offering certified test weights on this website for over fifteen years!  Ordering test weights is super simple and in many cases we can get your test weights shipped out the same day. If you order the weights with actual certificates, that typically pushes the ship dates out about a week or so.… Read More »

Brecknell Discontinues SBI-505 and DSB lineup

This is no joke. Brecknell has discontinued the popular SBI-505 digital weight indicator.  Previously they had discontinued the 3800LP series bench scales which included a battery powered version of the SBI-505.  Also, they discontinued the versatile DSB series of affordable floor scales.  We have alternatives and other similar products that we highly recommend, so we’re… Read More »

Best Website for Purchasing Digital Weighing Scales Online!

It’s hard to believe sometimes, but we have been offering customers high quality scales and weighing equipment for over fifteen years! We’re so proud of that and we’ve worked hard to improve every year. Thanks for choosing us for your weighing needs. In today’s article, I wanted to discuss a few of the scales that… Read More »