What are the Top Scales for Candle & Soap Making?

By | March 13, 2024

What is a Good Scale for Candle or Soap Making?

So what exactly is a good scale for candle making or soap making you might be asking?  Well, many folks think a scale that measures to 0.01g (2 decimal places) is a good overall choice. As for maximum capacity, 1000 grams will possibly work although it’s not a bad idea to have a 2000 or 3000 gram capacity just in case. 

Do You Need a Scale to Make Candles?

Technically, you could probably make candles or bars of soap without a good quality weight scale but it’s not a very good idea. Various fragrance oils are different densities than others. So, a good quality candle making scale just makes sense. The accuracy will make the candle making process much easier and when it comes to things like food processing or making bars of soap, consistency matters! 

What is the Best Scale for Soap Making?

Everyone wants to know what is the best scale for making candles or soap making?  Obviously, there will always be less expensive scales available on some random website across the world wide web. In our opinion, we like to stick with the reputable brands when it comes to low cost balances and their marketplace. We have the same philosophy when it comes to markets like reloading as well.  

We realize some of you will be tempted to use some pocket balance you found on ebay. We do not recommend that. We’ve tried to offer a few of these in the past and honestly they just don’t seem to last when we test them out.  They either flat out break or the weight just constantly jumps around and never settles on a number or zero. 

ohaus soap making scale

So, we recommend you look at the lower end scales from manufacturers like Adam Equipment, A&D Weighing, Brecknell, and Ohaus.  Will these scales cost more money than the scales you’ve found elsewhere online?  More than likely they will. But, these name brand precision weighing balances will likely last you much longer if used correctly.  A few examples of these scales might be the Ohaus Scout SPX series, CX series…. Adam Equipment Core and Highland balances….. Brecknell MBS series….. and the A&D EJ series.

You also want to be thinking about features that you want in a scale designed to weigh candles or soap. For example, do you want battery power?  If yes, which type of battery?  Rechargeable or AA / AAA batteries?  Do you want a scale with a larger weighing platform or would you rather have a scale that is very lightweight and easy to transport to different locations?  Do you want a LCD display or perhaps a LED display? 


Do you need a NTEP legal for trade scale?  If you are planning on selling any products based on weight, then you need to consider a legal for trade scale.  However, if you’re just using the scale to portion out different ingredients for your different products that you’re making, you won’t need a legal for trade scale.  So, a non ntep scale would be fine for that.  Finally, as we mentioned earlier, consider capacity and readability since they will be important factors to consider as well.

How do you measure candle wax on a scale?

Normally to measure items using the scale, you would place an empty container on the scale and then press the Tare button. Then you can add whatever ingredient(s) you may need. 

How Much Do Candle Making Scales Cost?

As we mentioned earlier, you can find pocket balances that cost less than $20 each that you could probably use for making soap. However, that is not the long term choice of weighing that we recommend.  You can purchase several different brands of scales for making candles or soap anywhere between $100 to over $800.  2024 prices below.

MRB 10000     10,000g x 1g             $100.00

CBX 3001          3000g x 0.5g            $170.00  
CBX 6000          6000g x 1g               $170.00  

CQT 2601          2600g x 0.1g            $400.00

HCB 3001          3000g x 0.1g            $510.00  
HCB 2202          2200g x 0.01g          $880.00  

The price range above widely depends on the scale brands, warranty periods, and quality scale components utilized. If you have any questions or need further assistance choosing a scale for making soap or candles, then please contact customer service and we can assist you with a product recommendation.