TORREY LPC40L Questions, Answers, Review, Alternative, & More

By | August 18, 2016

The internet is great for many things but when it comes to purchasing legal for trade commercial scales that are meant for buying and selling products to customers, you need to know the correct answers to your buying questions, before you make the purchase. The Torrey LPC40L retail scale is a popular price computing scale that many folks have purchased from us over the years. In this article, we would like to answer some of the most popular questions that we get regarding this scale. And, yes there may be some overlap between questions but each one is a question that has been asked. We’ll also answer a few questions about our thoughts & experiences as well as LPC40L alternatives. So let’s get started!

TORREY LPC40L price computing scale

Does the scale come with a rechargeable battery?

Where is the LPC-40L scale manufactured?

Is this scale NTEP Approved, legal for trade? Does it have a Certificate of Conformance Number (CoC#) somewhere on it?
Yes the scale is NTEP Approved. The sticker with the CoC# is usually under the platter on the LPC-40L. It is legal to use for commerce although depending on your states rules it might need to be certified by either a local scale company or certified by your state weight and measurement.

Will the scale weigh accurately an ounce, half ounce etc…?
No the scale only weighs in hundredths of a pound, 0.01

Will this scale connect to a printer? I need it to print labels.
Yes, the Godex DT2 is the one that is most often used for this. It can print Weight, Price/lb and Total Price.

What weight units does this scale weigh in?

Do you sell replacement parts? I am looking for a replacement foot.
Yes we do sell a few replacement parts for the Torrey LPC-40L.

What parts usually fail on the Torrey LPC40L?
In our experience, the LPC-40L parts that fail are the AC adapter, keypad, and battery. Those are probably the three most frequent items that we see broken.

Can this scale store data like ingredients, store information, handling instructions, etc.. and then print them onto a label?
No for something like that you would probably be best to look at an item like the CAS CL5000 label printing scale.

Can the scale add in other features like calculate customer change or compute sales tax?
No the LPC40L does not offer either of those functions.

How large is the weighing platform?
Approximately 9″ x 12″

Can you program your most popular items into the Torrey LPC40L?
Yes. The on-board memory includes 100 price memories and eight direct access keys that will allow you to easily weigh and sell your most demanded products. The eight direct access keys are the white keys that you see on the front of the scale.

Does the scale come calibrated? How often does this scale need to be calibrated
The scale arrives to you “factory calibrated” which means it weighs correctly before shipping. However things can change when a scale leaves one coast and is shipped to another. So there is a possibility that the scale will not be 100% accurate when you receive it. It is almost always a good idea to have your scale checked and calibrated by a professional at least once a year.

Is the LPC40L able to weigh in ounces?
It displays weight in pounds. We do have other NTEP legal for trade scales that do read weight in ounces.

Does the scale come with the battery charger?
Yes the AC adapter powers the scale and can recharge the battery.

Does the scale have battery power? If so what kind of batteries?
Yes the scale does have battery power. The battery is an internal rechargeable battery. We do have other brands of scales that take “D” size batteries if you prefer.

How long does the battery stay charged?
According to the manufacturer, The LPC is equipped with a 100 hours rechargeable battery that allows you to transport the scale where needed with our worries; when ready, simply plug in the included AC Adaptor and the battery will be ready to be reused.

Can this scale be used for commercial purposes?
Yes it is NTEP approved Class III

Does the scale have a compunctions port?
Yes, the RS-232 data port allows a PC or printer to connect easily to the scale. We have seen folks use a label printer with this. We have not seen anyone use this to connect to a computer.

Does this scale have a dual display on both the front and back?
Yes it displays the weight, price per pound, and total on both the front and the back. The LCD display can be standard or backlit.

I bought one of these from you several years ago, now it seems you don’t really promote the scale that much – what is the issue?
You are correct. For about four years or so we did promote the Torrey LPC40L quite a bit. And, we sold many of these scales and we recommended them at that time. However, things changed at a certain point for us a few years ago. The regional sales manager that we dealt with left Torrey. The replacement manager was not helpful (putting it kindly).

But the real issue we had was this. We received a pallet of the LPC-40L scales in to our warehouse and every single one had a small issue that needed to be corrected. The manufacturer basically said it was our job to fix their mistake. It was not a huge expense, probably only about $10 per scale, but we were not impressed with their lack of assistance. For us, that was the final straw. We fixed their issue, and once we finished selling the scales from that pallet, we stopped ordering those scales and chose other manufacturers. We do still offer the Torrey scale, but we prefer to sell other brands that offer better factory support.

Is the LPC-40L reliable?
In our experience, the Torrey Scales LPC-40L is generally a reliable scale. It does seem to have more failures than our other price computing scales, for whatever reason. However, the majority of the failures are things like the keypad, AC adapter, or rechargeable battery. None of those items will break the bank but, if they fail enough times, or at the wrong time; like when you’re selling at the farmers market, then it could become a real hassle.

What commercial price computing scale do you recommend?
We are big fans of several brands of retail scales. For many years we used to sell the Mettler Toledo 8433 price computing scale. That was THE go to scale for a good, reliable retail scale. Then it became the Tiger 2, and then the Xpress XRT-3710 etc… That lineup was sold under the Ohaus banner, so we liked the Ohaus Aviator line of scales. But, they are no longer offered. We also like the Rice Lake RS-130 and RS-160, and we recommend the CAS S2000 JR.  There are other products that are pretty good as well such as the Detecto and Brecknell scales.