What is a Good Price for a Floor Scale with Ramp?

By | May 9, 2023

Thanks for visiting our website. Today we are going to discuss floor scale prices and also what to expect if you order a floor scale with ramp. You probably know this but floor scales are also commonly called pallet scales or platform scales as well. You can purchase floor scales in various sizes and capacities but in our example today we are just going to mainly focus on the standard size of 4×4 5000 LB.

Floor Scales are often used to weigh pallets before and/or after LTL shipping. There are large capacity floor scales available as well.

We typically list our floor scales in groups. Kind of like the Good – Better – Best categories.  We have the industrial floor scales (BEST). We have a level just below the “industrial quality” floor scales (BETTER). And, we have cheap floor scales (GOOD).  Anything below that we typically stay away from.

We base the categories on quality, durability, and past experience. When you’ve been selling these scales since 2005, you have a pretty good understanding of which scales are consistently the best.

floor scale price list

Best Floor Scales

The first category is the top of the line industrial Floor Scale (BEST). Examples of this product line would include items like the B-Tek Clydesdale or Rice Lake Roughdeck.  These scales are typically built tougher with more steel and a thicker top deck plate. These scales usually weigh around 80 pounds more than some of the “lesser” platform scales. If you plan on ordering one of these with a ramp, plan on paying quite a bit for the ramp as the ramps designed for these scales are well built and heavy duty.

Better Floor Scales

The next category is slightly below the top group (BETTER). These are scales that are a little lighter or not quite as industrial “tough” as the first category. But, these are still really good floor scales though. This group consists of scales like the B-Tek 4 Square, Pennsylvania 6600 and the Digi Summit 3000.   If you plan on ordering one of these floor scales with a ramp, the ramp costs are a little less but they are still pretty expensive (but well built).

pallet scale prices

Good Floor Scales

The third category (GOOD) is what we sometimes call light industrial floor scales or cheap floor scales. In this group, we would likely include the Inscale 7620 and Optima OP-916 floor scale lineup.  These are typically imported scales that are lighter weight but supported by our domestic suppliers. We affectionally refer to these as cheap but that’s basically what folks searching refer to them as. We would call them light industrial or affordable scales. These are great for use in a warehouse or weighing pallets. If you plan on purchasing one of these in order to have a floor scale with ramp, these are the most affordable way to proceed.  These ramps are built well but they are lighter weight and imported.

Anything below our third category we would recommend avoiding. These are scales that you might find on auction sites or other mega websites. Often these are imported from overseas with limited amounts of documentation or factory support. And in fact many times just being able to read the owner’s manual is a challenge with these.

Based on our years of experience, we recommend buying quality floor scales better than this category if at all possible. If you need some assistance choosing which floor scale to purchase, be sure to contact our customer service department.