Do New Scales Arrive Calibrated and Ready to Weigh?

By | January 19, 2021

If I order a New Scale, Is it Calibrated?

This is a question that we receive fairly often. The answer is yes, new scales arrive calibrated and ready to weigh, probably 99% of the time. Every now and then, the scale will not be calibrated. But, this is rare.  When you order a scale from us, you typically receive a scale that has been tested and adjusted in a process that we refer to as factory calibration or matching.

If you’re not sure if your new scale is calibrated, contact the manufacturer or us first. You don’t want to calibrate a scale unless you know what you’re doing and have accurate weights. 

Factory Calibration

Scale manufacturers typically calibrate a scale before packaging it up. This can sometimes happen in the U.S. or perhaps this will happen overseas when the scales are built. Most of the time, the scale will be setup and calibrated. However, there will be no paperwork or calibration certificate.

This is usually ok with most customers. Truthfully, most scales need to be tested and calibrated on a regular basis. We often suggest to customers that once they order a scale and unbox it and put the scale in the location where they are going to use it; they need to go ahead and schedule a scale calibration with their local scale company.

do new scales arrive calibrated

Most scale manufacturers recommend that you have your scales checked on regular basis anyway. Often a scale takes quite a few bumps during shipping, so it’s usually a good idea to have it checked. The scale company that you call can then check the scale out with certified 25 lb weights and while they are in your facility, you can have them check your other scales. Once they check the scales with certified test weights, the proper documentation can be provided to you.

Calibration Certificates & Scale Documentation

Most of the time we are not able to provide a scale calibration report with our new scales. And honestly, you want your scales tested and calibrated in the location where you’re going to use them. Sure, we can test and adjust a scale in our warehouse and it can be weighing perfectly. However, once the shipping company has “thrown” the box around a few dozen times, is the scale still perfect?  That’s why we recommend having your local scale company check the scales periodically. They can provide you with a traceable calibration report as well.

Another scale calibration question that we occasionally receive goes something like this…

My scale arrived and isn’t calibrated correctly or perhaps it didn’t pass state inspection. You (online scale seller) need to pay for getting it calibrated or re-inspected.

Once again, as mentioned throughout this article, the scales that we sell (and any other reputable scale company sells) are quality products that weigh correctly. We would never ship you a scale that we know is not weighing correctly. However, once the freight companies posses the scale, we have no control over that. Also gravity plays a part in calibration.

That being said, the scales should work adequately. If the scales are slightly off, a scale calibration using certified weights from a respected scale company should fix the scale right up. However, if your scale is broken, it would fall under whatever warranty the product has. 

Scale Calibration Summary

So to sum things up… generally new scales arrive calibrated.  If you require some type of scale calibration report or certificate, then you will need to schedule that with your local scale company.

If cost is a concern and the scale is small enough, you can arrange to bring your scale by the scale company location to have it checked. That would save you any mileage charges, however you would still owe the scale company for the labor. 

Remember factory calibration does not mean you receive a traceable calibration report when you purchase a new scale. The internet is great for many things… but when it comes to selling scales online, customers can purchase products but customers will need to get those products checked for accuracy once they are un-boxed.

So if you need specific documentation or certificates with your new scale, be prepared to contact your local scale company since in reality every scale should be checked for accuracy when they are put into service or relocated. 

As we always tell you in each article…. if you have questions, contact our customer service via email or complete the online form. We’re glad to help you out. We can provide you with answers to your questions.