Jewelry Scales: All Your Questions Answered

By | May 2, 2024

In today’s entry we will compile a list of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding jewelry weighing scales aka… gold scales.  

What Scales do Jewelers Use?

Almost all reputable jewelry scales will be NTEP certified weighing scales that are tested by NCWM and have earned a certificate of conformance which is ideal for the measurement of gold and jewelry

Can I use Kitchen Scale for Weighing Jewelry?

Technically you can use a kitchen scale for reference. However, when it comes to buying/selling based on weight, you will need a legal for trade commercial scale or balance.

How can I Weigh my Jewelry?

You can use a pocket scale, lab balance, or kitchen scale for reference. However, when it comes to buying/selling based on weight, you will need a legal for trade commercial scale or balance.

ntep scales for the precious metals industry

Where Can You Buy a Professional Jewelry Scale?

Anytime someone asks where to buy a jewelry scale locally?  The obvious answer has to be of course.

How Can You Weigh Gold Jewelry Without a Scale?

Ok, so you’re wondering how to weigh jewelry without a scale? Some folks use their android device as a digital scale app.  However, we consider this about as accurate as using pocket scales.  

How do You Calibrate a Jewelry Scale?

If you follow the instructions, you can use our certified test weights that we sell to test and calibrate our scales and balances. However, in a legal for trade setting, you will want to have either a scale company or your state weighing inspector check and calibrate your gold weighing scale and put a seal on it to make sure the buyer and the seller are using a scale that is accurate and hasn’t been tampered with.

Why is My Digital Jewelry Scale Not Accurate?

Scales and balances need to be checked and/or calibrated on a regular basis. Scales lose their calibration for a variety of reasons. Often it starts out as just a small error but if not corrected it could get to be a larger error over time.

How accurate are Digital Jewelry Scales for Weighing Gold and Precious Metals?

We can sell you a variety of two, three and four decimal place balances with great accuracy. However, if you’re selling your gemstones and precious metals by weight you will need a NTEP certified jewelry scale. NTEP approved scales are tested and certified by the National Conference of Weights and Measures. These balances are often listed as either Class II or Class III scales. You may want to contact your state to make sure what requirements your local area has to make sure you are legal and not over or under charging for your jewelry and precious metals.

Are Cheap Scales Reliable?

Look we understand, you don’t want to pay a lot for your gold scales…  However, the old saying you get what you pay for is pretty accurate when it comes to digital jewelry scales.  If you can afford it, we recommend you buy a reputable brand of professional jewelry scales like Adam Equipment, A&D, or Ohaus for example. 

What company makes the most accurate scales?  In other words, which scale brand is best?

As mentioned above, we suggest sticking with the top brands of jewelry scales like Adam Equipment, A&D Weighing, and Ohaus. 

We hope this article on jewelry scales has been helpful to you. This list of questions is often asked and we have tried to provide you with a wealth of knowledge. Contact our customer service department with any other questions you may have.