How Does a Weighing Load Cell inside a Scale Work?

By | August 10, 2022

The digital weight indicator is the item in a scale system that scale operators deal with every day. You look at the weight display. Perhaps you press the “Zero” button occasionally.  While the digital scale controller is very important, the weight fluctuations are actually being measured by the load cell(s) inside the scale platform.

What is a Load Cell?

Strain gauge load cells are used to measure weight. They are a very important part of electronic weighing scales.  They’re actually in quite a few of our daily items in some form or another, but we mainly focus on the transducers that are found in various types of weighing scales.

How Does a Load Cell Work?

Usually, load cells are made out of alloy steel or aluminum.  They have strain gauges inside. Although cells are made very strong, they are designed to bend or flex slightly. These small changes can be measured  by strain gauges inside the cell. The flex is measured and displayed on the digital weight indicator either directly or the cells are connected to a summing board and then sent from the summing board to the digital scale weight meter.

how does a load cell work inside a weighing scale

Types of Load Cells

There are different types of load cells for different applications. 

Single Point Load Cells: a load cell (often made out of aluminum) is usually located in a small platform or bench scale platform that is loaded with a weight from above.

Bending Beam Load Cells: load cells are positioned under a steel structure, such as a floor scale (single end beam) or truck scale (double end beam) and are loaded from above.

Compression Canister: several high-capacity load cells are positioned under a steel structure that is loaded with a weight from above.

S-Type Load Cells: the cell is shaped like an S. Normally used in a tension application.

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